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August 9, 2020

The South African communications provider has begun providing electronic security fences for critical applications and complexes, based on Red’s rugged IIoT switches, from the SecFlow and PowerFlow families

Pictured above: Ilan Tevet, VP of Marketing and Business Development Hail. Photo: David Garb.

RAD has announced that its South African communications infrastructure provider, MetroFibre, has opted for its Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform for the construction of electronic fences for the protection of residential complexes, industrial complexes and fenced localities. The company has developed a new security solution called Metro-i, which provides ongoing monitoring using the company’s smart cameras and fiber-optic infrastructure.

The system is based on columns on which the cameras are installed, which are linked to the control and monitoring center using Red’s rugged, SecFlow and PowerFlow switches. This enables MetroFibre to provide security and physical asset management services (access control, CCTV devices, management of other IoT devices connected to the network using LP-WAN technologies, license plate recognition systems, distress buttons, etc.) to multiple complexes through a unified control center.

The new security infrastructure is based on MetroFibre’s fiber optic network, which operates on the Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standard, and is spread over thousands of kilometers in South Africa. Ilan Tevet, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Irad, said that the company’s SecFlow and PowerFlow platforms provide all the necessary communication and security needs for MetroFibre customers.

Right: PowerFlow router, left is Red's SecFlow switch
Right: PowerFlow router, left is Red’s SecFlow switch

The SecFlow solution is a secure SCADA switch for critical applications. It provides secure communication over private and public wired or wireless internet networks, including Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It also includes communication security at the lower levels, L2 and L3, which is suitable for infrastructure facilities such as gas, water and electricity facilities, and for use by security agencies.

The PowerFlow solution is a rugged Ethernet router that receives the power supply from the communication line itself (Power over Ethernet). It is also designed for critical applications, and is used in power plants, gas and water facilities, smart cities, railway system communications and military communications applications. Red is one of the oldest communications infrastructure providers in Israel. It was established in 1981 and is considered a major company in the Red Group.

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