Metro developer bought by Embracer Group Metro Exodus


The developer behind the Metro series is working on both “the Metro franchise” and a “new AAA IP.” Embracer Group has acquired the studio for approximately $ 80 million. Embracer is part of THQ Nordic.

Embracer Group has acquired 4A Games, the game engine and the Metro IP in the deal. The company now operates “as an independent studio under Saber Interactive.” Embracer took over that studio last year.

4A Games CEO Dean Sharpe shared a statement: “Together we will continue to build the Metro franchise and focus on the best multiplayer experience we can bring to our fans.” Sharpe adds that the team is looking forward to “building a new and ambitious AAA IP in the near future.”

4A is now partnering with Saber to “create an entirely new project that will combine the AAA production of 4A games. 4A Games’ collaborative engine and technology with Saber will combine its experience with multiplayer games.”

It seems that 4A Games is working on two projects at the same time. A new Metro project and a new AAA IP. Embracer Group has also acquired Sola Media, Pow Wow Entertainment, Palindrome Interactive, Rare Earth Games, Deca Games, New World Interactive and Vermila Studios.


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