Mesut Ozil: “People have been trying to destroy me for two years”


“It was not fair,” Ozil added, “especially for the young guys, and I refused. I have a baby at home and a commitment to my family here, in Turkey and Germany. I have a commitment to both charities and a new project I partner with for people in London. “People who know me know exactly how generous I am. As far as I know, I’m not the only player who refused to cut, but only my name is mentioned. I guess the reason is that it’s me and some people have been trying for two years to destroy me, sadden me and paint a picture that is wrong.”

Ozil, who made just 18 appearances for Arsenal last season and scored one goal, added: “Apparently the fact that I did not cut affected my chances of getting minutes. I do not know. But I am not afraid to insist on what seems right to me and you see there are a lot of unemployed people who need help”.

As you may recall, just last week Arsenal announced it would lay off 55 workers due to the economic crisis due to the Corona virus. “Sky” commentator Kaba Solhkol attacked Ozil: “Arsenal have reached a point where Mesut Ozil receives £ 350,000 a week and he does not even play, he is frozen. Some of the people who are going to lose their jobs earn in a year what Masut Ozil earns in a day. That is the reality of the current situation. “


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