Melbourne closes its stores and goes into night curfew for six weeks


New restrictions have been placed on Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, in an effort to curb the spread of the corona, and include closing shops and reducing activity in the construction industry. According to the new regulations, all stores in the city will be closed from Wednesday and for six weeks and some of the construction activity will be stopped – a decision that will affect 250,000 workers. The move comes after the state of Melbourne, where Melbourne is located, declared a state of emergency on Sunday due to the surge in the number of people infected.

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Although Australia is considered relatively good compared to many other countries, with 18,361 infected in Corona and 221 dead, it is feared that authorities are losing control of the epidemic in Victoria, despite the most severe closure imposed on it. “As unfortunate as it may be to close jobs, this is what we must do, to prevent the spread of the contagious virus,” Gov. Daniel Andrews said at a news conference. “If we do not do that, the restrictions will last for six months, not just six weeks.”

Following the restrictions, metal production will be reduced by a third, and industry workers will be equipped with protective equipment. At the same time, construction will also be significantly reduced. Supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open, and restaurants will be able to continue to offer takeaway services and deliveries. But all other stores will close. Schools will move to distance learning.

Closed playground in Melbourne, Australia Photo: Reuters

Concurrent with the announcement of the restrictions, Andrews revealed that the businesses affected would receive a grant of A $ 5,000 ($ 3,570). “This is a very difficult day, and we have many more days like this before we end the struggle,” Andrews added. Additional restrictions imposed include the imposition of a night curfew every day from 20:00 to 5:00 – a curfew that will also last six weeks, leaving the house during these hours will only be allowed for work or medical treatment.

The state of Victoria is responsible for about 25% of Australia’s economy. Today it reported 429 new infections, down from 671 yesterday, but the 13 dead represent the second highest daily number to date. The rise in the number of people infected in Australia has led to the postponement of an unknown date for the opening of the flight bubble between Australia and New Zealand, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced. She said it would take a long time for Australia to be free of new adhesions for 28 days, “so the program is moving to the back bench,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that he will unveil a plan that will give workers extra sick days in case they are required to go into solitary confinement and have run out of sick days. Under the plan, workers will receive A $ 1,500 for two weeks of isolation.

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