Meet with Minister Rafi Peretz: Three ministers enter isolation


Knitted News02.08.20 11:34 Twelfth of Av

Photo: Yonatan Zindel / Flash 90

A Knesset spokesman said now (Sunday) that following an epidemiological investigation conducted by representatives of the Ministry of Health, it appears that the ministers: Zeev Elkin, Yaakov Avitan, Orly Levy Abacis and a number of their advisers were required to go into domestic isolation in light of their exposure to Minister Rafi Peretz.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health contacted the ministers and advisers, updated them on the details of the investigation, and at the same time updated the Knesset officer, Superintendent Joseph Griff on the findings. The isolation of the ministers is expected to end on 9/8

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Minister Yaakov Litzman also met with Minister Peretz, however, and according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, in view of the fact that he has already contracted the virus, he should not go into isolation.

Due to a tour of Heichal Shlomo, Moshe (Moshko) Mashkowitz, Rabbi Yehuda Brandes and Rabbi Hagai Lundin were also required to enter the isolation.

“With the departure of Shabbat, it became clear, unfortunately, that I was positive about the corona examination I did on Friday,” Minister Peretz wrote on Twitter. “Feeling good at the moment and wishing complete healing to all Israeli patients.”

Peretz apparently contracted from the director general of his office, Avi Cohen, who was positive for Corona last Wednesday. Following this, Minister Peretz and his team came into contact with him for isolation for the second time, until the epidemiological investigation is completed.

Following the CEO, the Deputy Attorney General, Erez Kaminitz and Oded Plus, the director general of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, also went into isolation, following a meeting on the issue of extending Rabbi Aryeh Stern’s tenure a few days ago.

All of this comes just two weeks after one of Peretz’s advisers was diagnosed with Corona virus, which put the entire bureau in solitary confinement for a week. Rabbi Rafi’s office said that “the minister is feeling well, he will undergo a corona examination and will act according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. In addition, additional advisers and office workers who came into contact with the same adviser will be isolated.”

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