Meanwhile in Barcelona | Hülkenberg enjoys a free weekend in Mallorca


Between all the important news you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. No worries, F1 Maximum keeps you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the ‘Ondertussen in …’ section.

Hülkenberg enjoys a free weekend in Mallorca

Nico Hülkenberg has earned his rest after two very intensive weeks in Formula 1. The German driver was called in by Racing Point just before the Grand Prix of Great Britain to replace Sergio Perez infected with the corona virus, but now the Mexican has the virus is no longer with him, ‘The Hulk’ can relax. And he does, in Mallorca.

Grosjean surprised by fast Haas: ‘Is this real? Pinch me!’

Romain Grosjean is dumbfounded after two very strong free practice sessions for the Formula 1 team of Haas. The French driver was able to handle the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya well and set a sixth and fifth fastest time respectively on Friday.

Helmetless Hamilton tests Mercedes steering wheel

Lewis Hamilton apparently couldn’t wait to get back behind the wheel of the Mercedes W11 during the Friday practice sessions. While his mechanics were still preparing his car, he already dived into his car to already feel with his handlebars without a helmet.

Bottas barely dodges a bird

That was not the case for Valtteri Bottas during the first free practice session of the Grand Prix of Spain. After all, the Finn rode past a bird by a hair. ‘That’s a brave bird!’, The Haas team responds below the video on social media.

Russell takes over work pit crew

George Russell had to give away his Williams seat to Roy Nissany during the first free practice of the Grand Prix of Spain. While the Israeli did his laps in Barcelona, ​​Russell meanwhile turned to other work.

The advance of the scooter: Vettel also imitates Hamilton

We’ve seen Lewis Hamilton tearing off the track with a scooter for a while. Apparently it gives other drivers and prominent figures an idea: Sebastian Vettel and several Mercedes employees have also been spotted with the two-wheelers.

Räikkönen jokes with son: ‘Soon Verstappen, soon ..’

Kimi Räikkönen jokes through his Instagram-story that he prepares his son for the competition against Max Verstappen. The Iceman can often be found on the go-kart track with his children and the expectations are high: ‘Soon Verstappen, soon.’


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