McAfee’s new study: Security vulnerabilities in the Israeli robot’s personal robot; Company: Thank them and we worked to correct before publication


McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research Division released a new study on Thursday, describing how the company’s investigators were able to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in the personal robot temi developed by the Israeli company temi Global ltd.

It is an interactive robot that serves as a personal assistant and assists patients and the elderly in their living environment and in medical institutions for a variety of uses, such as making remote contact with doctors, friends and family.
Security vulnerabilities have allowed McAfee investigators to intercept and break into phone or video calls made using the robot, as well as remotely control the video camera and even the movement of the robot around the house.

According to McAfee’s warranty policy, the research team contacted temi Global several months ago and maintained close contact with it regarding the research findings. The people of the company were very open and grateful, and showed a strong desire to improve the security of the robot.
Over the next few weeks they worked closely with McAfee’s team to develop a stronger solution for temi and currently all identified security vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed.

Implications of the study: The temi robot and the like have autonomous motion and multimedia capabilities. Many people use them indoors or in the business environment, in hospitals and clinics, and also in shops, educational institutions and more. These capabilities make temi and the like highly effective devices with a high level of involvement in everything that goes on around them, and therefore also a quality target for hostile hackers. Breaking into a temi will give each person full control over the movement of the robot and its recording and photography applications, thus exposing the victims to personal surveillance in the most private situations – at home, visiting a doctor, etc.

TEMI response

“Temi Global was grateful and expressed a strong desire to improve Tammy’s security. Over the next few weeks we worked closely with their team to develop a more stable and secure solution for Tammy. Once such a solution was found, we could check and confirm that all security vulnerabilities had been effectively fixed. It’s always exciting to see the positive impact that security research has after their findings are received with appreciation and full responsibility by the supplier. ”


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