Mazda 3 quest: what can the auto parts tell us?


Tamar was found dead at night on July 25 along the Zeedijk in Zuiderwoude. Police yesterday released images of the Mazda 3 seen in a nearby parking lot the night of the accident. More than a thousand tips have been received since yesterday afternoon.

Bumper cap

The police also showed images of a black cap and two pieces of white plastic with a green and a red stripe. They were found on the roadside where Tamar was found. After tips it is now known that the black ‘cap’ is a clip to attach plastic parts, for example bumpers.

Auto journalist Werner Budding had also recognized the black cap. “They are indeed from a bumper,” Budding told EditieNL. “These parts are used by more brands.” And that makes it difficult to trace a car.


According to the police, this is a gray Mazda 3 hatchback that was probably built between 2010 and 2014, with white number plates. That makes the search difficult, according to Budding. “The Mazda 3 is not very common, but it is difficult that it is a foreign license plate.”

The damage to the car probably tells the most about the accident. “The damage shows the strength of the impact,” Budding explains. But then that car must be found first.

The police are therefore looking for people who saw the car in Marken before, on or shortly after July 25.


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