Mayor Blankenberge Dumery: “Rioters problem transcends my city, needs help from federal level”


Dumery contradicts that Blankenberge was not sufficiently prepared for a large crowd. With the predicted tropical temperatures, it was expected that many people would seek coolness on the coast.

“We were prepared for a lot of people: from hour to hour we checked via drone images whether the spread of the mass on the beach was still good. That went well. But what you cannot control is who comes to the coast. I am going to mention it: many people of immigrant origin have traveled to Blankenberge. Most have respect for the corona measures. A small minority that is not known to the court. And everyone is welcome in Blankenberge, except for criminals. ”

Dumery therefore expects help from the federal level to avoid similar situations in the future. “I do not want to blame the NMBS, but this is a federal matter. A signal must come from Brussels. Those young people are known there. This transcends the boundaries of my city. Why can’t they call the police in Brussels stations. put up the platforms and filter out those gangs? Traveling in large groups is prohibited in these corona times anyway. ”


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