Maximum SRD 10,000 fine for violation of COVID-19 measures – Suriname Herald


A fine of up to SRD 10,000 can be imposed for violation of the COVID-19 measures set by Presidential Decree. It concerns measures and given regulations in which prohibitions can also be made with regard to certain behaviors. The authority to impose the fine has been entrusted to the Minister of Justice and Police.

The National Assembly (DNA) approved the Execution of Exceptional Situation Act on Friday. The first legislative product of the new parliament has been unanimously approved 43 votes.

The Minister of Justice and Police may impose a fine up to a maximum of SRD 10,000 for violation of COVID-19 measures, regulations and prohibitions. Obviously, the determination of the amount of the fine to be imposed is a matter of weighing up the nature and seriousness of the breached regulation, taking into account the legally permitted maximum amount of the fine.

For the sake of clarity, the Minister will determine the specific fines relating to the specific violations by decision.

The Minister of Justice and Police shall appoint by order the officials or persons who are authorized on behalf of the Minister to impose the fine. It cannot be ruled out that police officers will also be appointed to enforce the sanction.

In connection with efficiency and unambiguous application of the fine, the Minister will determine the details with regard to that application by decision. In the first place, it concerns the determination of the specific fines for specific violations as a guideline for the officials designated by the Minister for their actions. Furthermore, it is important that special certified forms are also used for the application of the fine.

The imposed fine as well as the costs of recovery thereof can be collected by writ of execution, whereby the imposed fine can be seized of assets by means of the enforcement order.


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