Max Verstappen about opportunities: “Wind will play a major role”


Max Verstappen was the fastest man behind both Mercedes. The German team is too fast for everyone and managed to make a gap from a good second to the rest. Max Verstappen starts the race from third position. Red Bull Racing arrived on Friday with new parts, which were immediately screwed onto the Dutchman’s car. Although he was not so happy with the car in Hungary, he was after qualifying at Silverstone.

Max Verstappen seems to believe less and less in a better car than Mercedes. The gap to the W11 car is more than a second and that is too much. Even if Red Bull brings a faster car, they still can’t keep up with the pace. According to Horner, the team is playing hide and seek. Despite everything, Max thinks he has taken everything out of his car. Overall I would say that we had a good qualifying session and got everything out of the car that we could. My last lap in Q3 was good, but you could tell from an early age that Mercedes car was too fast, just like the past few races. ”

Wind can play a role

The 22-year-old Limburger hopes to win positions tomorrow, but a slower qualifying time than last year shows that it will be difficult. Another factor that Verstappen must take into account is the wind. “I am happy with P3 and it gives us an opportunity to fight with Mercedes, so I hope I can make a good start and keep the pressure high. The wind is a big factor here and these cars are very sensitive to that Yesterday it was really difficult with the low speed corners but we are still learning about the car and trying to improve it I think we have found a good direction it seems more predictable this weekend and it was a lot of fun today. to race.”

Hoping for improvement

When asked if the Dutchman could go even faster, he was clear. “I don’t think I could do much more, but let’s see tomorrow. We’ll try to score some good points, at least stay third, but we’re always hoping for a little bit more.”


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