Matthew McConaughey spent twelve days in the desert for a book


Matthew’s wife urged him to leave. “I’ve been keeping diaries for 36 years so a few years ago my wife kicked me in the butt and said, you’ve been wanting to look at those 36 years to see what it is. Now is the time. Go away”, the actor told People.

While reading, Matthew learned that earlier in life he knew many “red and orange lights” that later turned green. “The death of a loved one is a red light to me. My father who passed away was a great red light.” But by going back in time, Matthew found that he was keeping his father alive by applying his teachings. “That’s the green light of his death.”

The actor worked on his book for two years Greenlights, which will be released on October 20. It’s a bundle of “stories, prayers, poems, people and places with lots of bumper stickers,” Matthew listed. “It’s my favorite piece of art I’ve ever made.”


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