Massive Funeral Ceremony In Beirut Will Be Big March, Ec …


Beirut buries its dead
Photo: AP

Thousands of Lebanese civilians will gather at a protest rally on Saturday to mourn the deaths of at least 154 people killed in the explosion at the port in Beirut. So say the organizers who previously wanted to organize a mass funeral ceremony.

“The idea of ​​a mass funeral cannot go ahead due to logistical problems, but it will be replaced by a huge march with protests against the ruling class,” they said. We ask all people to wear black, ”said organizer Lina Boubis.

The march is scheduled to start near the port, near the Beirut power company, and head towards Martelaren Square in the center of the city.

Wife of the Dutch ambassador dies

An official from the Lebanese Ministry of Health says that 25 more people have now been found under the rubble of the massive explosion in the port of Beirut this week. Their identity has not yet been clarified.

Another 45 people are missing. The search is still ongoing. At least 154 people died, 5,000 were injured, and about 300,000 were left homeless as a result of the explosion.

Hedwig Waltmans-Molier, wife of the Dutch ambassador in Lebanon and employed at the embassy in Beirut, also died.

She was 55 years old.

Macron and Trump participate in donors’ conference

World leaders will discuss aid to Lebanon on Sunday. French President Emmanuel Macron is organizing this donor conference in collaboration with the UN and is leading it via video link, his communications service announced.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump also announced his participation. “We have a conference call on Sunday with President Macron, leaders from Lebanon and leaders from other parts of the world,” he said.

Many countries have already sent rescue workers and relief supplies to Lebanon after the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut. It destroyed part of the city and claimed the lives of more than 150 people.


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