‘Massive benefit fraud at the campsite’ | Inland


Wendy van der Zalm says to Omroep Brabant that De Kanthoeve’s mailbox is regularly packed with letters to Eastern Europeans from the agency. She estimates that some 20,000 envelopes have now been received. All for people who do not live on the campsite.

“That’s how it goes every week. Letters for payment and bank cards with PIN codes from ING Bank. Everything is addressed to Polish people. ”

Wendy regularly calls the UWV, but says she is always sent from box to wall. “We also came by with hundreds of letters, but it doesn’t stop.

“Isn’t it strange that no light comes on when hundreds of letters go to the same address? I really think this is benefit fraud and that people need an address in the Netherlands. ”

After questions from Omroep Brabant to the UWV and ING, both organizations started ‘an investigation’.


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