Marriage proposal goes completely wrong: after two weeks of preparation …


It would be the ultimate marriage proposal, but it was one with a scent. A British couple’s house went up in flames just as Albert was about to propose to his Valerija. Fortunately she still said yes.

He already had the ring. And so the great work began for Albert Ndreu (26) from Sheffield. For two weeks, the Brit worked carefully on what should be the ultimate marriage proposal for his girlfriend Valerija (22). He put 100 tea lights in his house, blew up 60 balloons and put a romantic playlist on Spotify on ‘repeat’. Marry me, would be read in the candles. The champagne was cold as soon as Valerija would come home after work. Love was in the air.

But unfortunately it went dramatically wrong. Albert went to pick up his love at work, and upon returning home found that their house was ablaze. “I was so concerned about everything that could go wrong that I never thought I could set our house on fire,” he says. Fortunately, Valerija said yes to the proposal, which he did after all. “It will always be an unforgettable day for us. This story will be great to tell our children. ” The fire brigade rushed to the scene, but could not prevent the house from extensive damage.

Valerija says in British media that she had not seen the proposal come. “When he came to work with flowers, I first thought he had done something stupid. Little did I know that he had destroyed our entire living room. ”


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