Marieke Derksen responds with a joke to generous donation from father Johan


Friday, July 31, 2020 at

On Friday it became clear that Veronica Inside will return on September 11 with Wilfred Genee, René van der Gijp and Johan Derksen. Talpa CEO John de Mol single-handedly ended the ongoing soap around the talk show, by pointing out the main characters to their contractual obligations. Marieke Derksen responds on Twitter with a wink to the decision that her father Johan made to then donate half of his salary to charities.

Johan Derksen had a serious discussion with De Mol on Friday, he revealed in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad: “That was a tough conversation. He said, “You can’t stop at all. You have a contract, no discussion, I’ll stick to it. I had no choice. ” But I wanted to remain credible and not come across as a sack filler. “Derksen has therefore decided, in consultation with his wife, to donate half of his salary to two charities: a dog pension in Almere and Casper van Eijk, who is researching pancreatic cancer.

The news about her father’s donation has also come to Marieke Derksen. “What ?! Well there goes the legacy … Nobody ever tells me what”, says the head of the book publisher Veronica Inside, who, in view of the developments, has recently emphasized that her remark is meant to be comic. “Just kidding, JOKE! The more the bugs and Casper are supported, the better.” Derksen gets the laughs on the hand with the joke on Twitter, witness the 1,400 likes that the tweet has now.

De Mol announced on Friday by means of a press release that Veronica Inside will continue to exist for the coming football season. “Mutual trust and good chemistry between these men form the basis on which they have been successful for about thirteen years, with all the ups and downs that entails,” said De Mol. “I have also told Johan that; it would be a shame if one exceptional conflict had ended this program. I am especially happy for those large fan base, including myself, that the men will be seated together again. I am confident that the chemistry between this illustrious trio will be felt again. ”


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