Marcel Boekhoorn still on his way to purchase Hema –


Marcel Boekhoorn still has a view of Hema. The Dutch investment company Parcom has the best papers to buy Hema. The FD knows that this offer has two striking co-funders: former Hema owner Marcel Boekhoorn and Jumbo family Van Eerd.

Three candidates would have remained for Hema, but Parcom van Boekhoorn and Jumbo seems to have the best papers. FD: “Boekhoorn has a trump card. He continues to own a company above Hema with past losses, which he can offset against future profits of the department store chain. This provides a tax benefit. A new owner would first have to conclude an agreement with Boekhoorn about the takeover of this company. ”

Bron(nen): FD (€)


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