Marc Van Ranst about the cup final: “This is wrong, but RAFC deservedly won” | Cup of Belgium


After the game, the Antwerp players posed for a photo, all of them standing close together with smiling faces and clenched fists.

It is an image that virologist Marc Van Ranst cannot particularly appreciate during this second corona wave, as the tweet he formulated proves.

On his Facebook page, Van Ranst had more space to express his opinion, in addition to the rules he typed on Twitter.

“I am a football supporter. I like the fact that football is being played again. I know that those professional players (unlike, for example, people in health care) are tested very often (and I have ethical questions about this)”, writes van Ranst.

“However, one can perfectly practice his sport without ritually hanging on top of each other and thus putting a big middle finger on the healthcare sector, the event sector and the catering industry.”

“This was not a perfect corona-proof start of football in Belgium. In this way, the only Belgian football that we can see on TV threatens to be played by FC De Kampioenen. Anyway, until Fernand Costermans sells the field. this: it was an exciting cup match, and RAFC has deservedly won. ”


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