Maor Buzaglo: Yaakov Buzaglo talks about not serving as his agent


Yesterday (Sunday) something happened in Israeli football when Maor Bouzaglo announced that his father Yaakov, who was a super-involved in his career – Will no longer serve as his agent, About a month after Yaakov stopped representing Almog as well. What was not said about the Buzaglo family and the slogan: “The boy is huge.” This morning (Monday) Yaakov Buzaglo published a short farewell post and admitted that he did not make life easy for the team owners but he is complete with all his steps.

Buzaglo opened his remarks as follows: “The relationship between Maor, Almog and Sheli is excellent. I’m sure at least some of the club owners did not like me, but I’m glad Maor, Miran, Almog, Natalia and the grandchildren – yes !. Between us, it’s more important. ”

“Honestly, I wish each and every player half of what Maor did. Both professionally and financially, “Buzaglo continued, acknowledging disagreements between him and Maor:” As can be understood, we did not always see things eye to eye and there were many disagreements. It is legitimate and despite everything, I am proud of the light that has given me full confidence throughout. ”

Maor Buzaglo. new way | Udi quote

And the future? “Today Maor is embarking on a new path, with a new agent, and I hope he succeeds with him at least as much
Who succeeded with me, will not be happier than me. Almog also signed for another season at Hapoel Haifa when he is represented by the Katsav brothers and he is in good hands. ”

Finally, he talked about his personal feeling: “On a personal level, I look back today and know that if I had to make the decisions again I would make the exact same decisions and I do not regret anything. Always happy in my part. So it’s true that more is always possible but that’s the whole point – be happy for your part. All I ask for Maor and Almog is health and wellness and everything else is a bonus. Good luck, dear Maor and Almog. ”


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