Maor Bouzaglo: “My father is no longer my agent”


The most interesting and exposed family in Israeli football continues to make headlines. This time, Maor Buzaglo said in an Instagram post that his father, Yaakov, is no longer his agent from today (Sunday), just a week after the latter sharply criticized Hapoel Tel Aviv, which chose to release Maor unilaterally.

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“It’s time my mother says” and this time my father also says “, Maor opened the post with an applause from the fans’ songs.” Better late than never … Yaakov Buzaglo is no longer my agent from today. Not simple and even complex but the situation requires a re-route. I’m already guessing what the talkbacks will be and I have no problem with that, your full right. I do not speak on behalf of my father, but I assume he is already tired of the persecution and persecution. “

Maor and Yaakov Buzaglo. From now on only father and son | Photo: instagram

On the future, about which rumors such as recent retirement have spread, he added: “And in the last tidings of my career I want to create a slightly different and challenging environment. My father is a world in its entirety for me and I thank him for every step and every step in my special and rich career. I will forever be grateful “I will always consult, hear and listen and I release him from this heavy burden. The goal at the moment is clear, to return to grass and full fitness Otto and agent? Promise to update soon.”

The season in Israeli football will be renewed this coming weekend with the Toto Cup games and at the end of the month the league will also open. It will be interesting to see which team will absorb the relationship that has undergone quite a few injuries in recent years and was at the center of scandals in which his father, the former agent was also involved.


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