Many comments on ‘aggressive interviewer’ Tim Hofman at Op1


The ‘aggressive manner’ in which Tim asks questions to his table guests during the corona item does not appeal to everyone. The viewers are referring, among other things, to the question he poses to medical microbiologist Jan Kluytmans. He does not want to make a statement during the live broadcast whether the schools should open again and will under no circumstances be elicited a response.

“Is that a good idea? Should all young people return to school in September?” Tim asks Jan. If he doesn’t get a concrete answer, Tim will try again. “Let’s think about it here at the table. No, no: you came here tonight. … You are an expert. I have an expert in front of me now. Schools open or not?”

“Tim Hofman, say more respect,” someone shares. ‘Ad Visser finally gave a valuable nuance in the mouth mask discussion. Unfortunately, he was gagged in a subtle way by Tim Hofman. So hey, how that kid is sinking through the ice, ”comments another Tim’s presentation style. The following tweets show that you cannot keep all 1.2 million viewers satisfied.

It is a bit of a search between all the negative words, but a few still stand up for the On 1-invalkracht via social media.

Tim Hofman himself has not (yet) responded to the negative comments. He does share via Instagram Stories that he will be back on Monday next week On 1.

Watch the Op1 broadcast here.


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