Many broiler farms in violation, too little light and too many chicks NOW


Four out of ten broiler farms appear to have committed animal welfare violations, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) reports on Tuesday after a sample. It was found, among other things, that there was too little light and too many chicks in the houses and that the litter was of a poor quality.

In the sample, 91 of the total 734 broiler farms were visited by inspectors. 42 percent of the companies were in violation.

NVWA continues to consider animal welfare a “concern”. For example, NVWA vets regularly find injuries to the animals. For example, the chicks may have footpad lesions. These are painful inflammations of the legs that arise, for example, if litter in the stable is too wet.

Last year, a total of 189 broiler farms were fined or warned after being checked by a vet. This is 26 percent of all broiler farms in the country.


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