Manhattan District Attorney hinted: Trump is suspected of bank fraud


The Manhattan District Attorney hinted today that the order he filed for U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax refunds is part of an investigation that deals with “suspicion of prolonged criminal conduct in the Trump organization,” including, among other things, suspicion of insurance companies and banks.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance revealed the scope of the investigation in documents filed in court today. This is in an attempt to deal with another attempt by Trump and his lawyers to prevent the transfer of tax refunds to the state.

In documents filed with the court last week, Trump’s lawyers wrote that the order was “too comprehensive in its demands” and was given out of “bad faith.”

In response, Vance noted today that when the demand for tax refunds was made last August, there have been “public allegations of possible criminal activity” in Trump’s organization over the past decade. Vance said public reports show a basis for the demand for tax refunds from the last eight years.

Trump’s lawyers noted that the request was too broad because the investigation only deals with the silence fee paid to two women who had an affair with Trump, Stormy Daniels and the McDougall Foundation, before the 2016 election. However, Vance noted that this claim is incorrect, and the said investigation deals with other matters.

Lawyers for Trump and the company he controls did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment.


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