Mandelblit: The report on Channel 12 is incorrect


Jonathan Zindel / Flash 90

Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit announced tonight that the Channel 12 publication that he opposes transferring the budget to meetings other than through the Exceptions Committee is incorrect.

Mandelblit’s office clarified that he never gave an opinion on the matter because this issue was not brought before him while asking for his attention: “The Attorney General was not required to speak and in any case did not give his opinion on the matter.”

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Earlier, News 12 reporter Dafna Liel reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to soften the ultra-Orthodox ‘opposition to the election by transferring NIS 400 million in favor of the yeshivot, and that the ombudsman was opposed to the move. As stated, the ombudsman denies the allegations.

In addition, Liel said about the move that Torah Judaism officials explain: “This is first aid for yeshivas that are desperate for a budget. We will continue to oppose elections but it will help ‘get them down our throats’ and prevent us from making extreme moves to prevent elections.” According to Liel, “All other bodies will continue to wait for the budget except for the ultra-Orthodox who will receive an ‘advance’.”

The Prime Minister’s Office responded: “The report is incorrect, there is no connection between the things. Netanyahu believes that everything must be done to prevent elections and transfer the budget immediately.”

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