Mandelbit to court: Horror moves against Adv. Ben-Ari only because she is the prosecutor in Netanyahu’s cases


Liat Ben Ari (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Justice)

The judge of the Central Magistrate’s Court in Ramla issued a restraining order (today (Thursday) against the Likud member of the Netanyahu group to stop publishing posts and false descriptions in which she tells about the son of the deputy state attorney and the prosecutor against the prime minister who allegedly attacked a policeman near his home in Moshav Herut. He was arrested by the police and deported to the north by his mother so that he would not be arrested and prosecuted.

The Attorney General today filed an application for an order to prevent threatening harassment in the Ramla Magistrate’s Court against Orly Lev regarding the false posts on social media regarding the son of Adv. In the presence of one party today in the Magistrate’s Court in Ramla, he received the temporary remedy according to which Lev must stop all publication concerning Ben Ari’s son and scheduled a hearing in the presence of the two parties on Wednesday, August 12, at 11:30, when a decision will be made.

According to the request, in recent years there has been a growing need for a combined response by law enforcement agencies in the country, in the various aspects of The phenomenon of harming public employees, with the clear aim of letting go of public employees, intimidating them and deterring them from fulfilling their public role. As a result, complaints were filed with the Israel Police by state and municipal employees regarding acts of violence, threats and harassment, including those involving the family and the private home of a public employee. Requests for the prevention of threatening harassment were also submitted by the state today.

The attorney general clarifies in the petition that the state is taking this step, “while all the officers have lost, and there is no other tool in their hands to stop the harassment, except through a petition under the law.”

“The incidents detailed in the application in relation to the victim and the false publications concerning her son were carried out in view of the fulfillment of the victim’s role as Deputy State Attorney (economic enforcement) in professionalism and dedication, and as a direct result of being a public servant.” It should be emphasized that the publications are intended to harass the victim, to exhaust her mentally, to terrorize her, And drag more people in the public who will also act to harass the victim and disturb the peace of her life. Moreover“The purpose of the publications attributed to the plaintiff’s son is to instill fear in the victim and to let go of her hands”, Attorney General Avichai Nadelblit emphasized to the judge.

Excerpt from a letter of reference to the court

The respondent, who presents herself as a social activist, who has set herself the goal of harming the victim, harassing and letting go of her hands, and this is solely due to the plaintiff’s victim being on behalf of the state in the case in which an indictment was filed against the Prime Minister et al. “, Written in the request.

Moreover: “The respondent again and again distributes many publications against the victim and her family, frequently and obsessively and intensively. In many of these publications, the respondent makes a baseless claim that the victim’s son attacked a police officer and that due to the victim’s role he was not questioned or arrested.”

Photo from Lev’s Facebook page

Another referral to the court states that another son of Ben-Ari received a life-threatening threat due to a video distributed by Orly Lev. Her son filed a complaint with the police and an indictment was filed against the same person. “But the filing of the indictment does not stop the demonic dance that is taking place on the Internet, among other things, following the publication of the publications by the respondent,” the attorney general claims through attorney Nir Ganchersky of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (civil).

He claims that although this is baseless publicity, and that Ben-Ari’s son was not at all in the moshav at the time of the demonstration. Despite this, Lev continues to spread the same publicity, “thereby continuing to harass the victim and her family members and impair the peace of their lives.”

“This request concerns the issuance of an order to remove and prevent only those publications concerning the victim’s son – false publications that led to threats to the victim and her family, as well as a violation of their peace of life,” writes the ombudsman. But while criticism of civil servants is legitimate, “Until the harassment of a person, humiliation, disturbing his peace, risking his integrity and his family members, all in the form of intimidation and crossing any acceptable limit, in order to deter him from fulfilling his role – there is a long way to go.”

Post from Orly Lev’s Facebook page

As stated, the court judge accepted the request, ordered Lev to stop posting it on social media as well as on Twitter regarding Ben Ari’s son and to appear for a hearing on the set date.

“The law enforcement system takes very seriously repeated attempts by elements interested in intimidating public employees, influencing their professional judgment and preventing them from fulfilling their role faithfully for the public,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the police announced yesterday (Wednesday) that they will limit demonstrations by right-wingers and Likud activists near the home of the plaintiff in the files of the prime minister, Liat Ben-Ari. The decision is based, among other things, on the ruling of the Supreme Court, which states that demonstrations should not take place in front of houses of public figures, but near them – in contrast to demonstrations in front of their premises or in front of their offices. Yesterday, the commander of the Central District Police, Superintendent Ami Eshed, published a document with various restrictions on the protest: from home.

Orly Lev (first from right), from her Facebook page

Orly Lev responded to the megaphone and said: “I never called to hurt Liat Ben-Ari or anyone in her family.”
– And yet the distributor whose son attacked a policeman and was smuggled by his mother to the north?
“Absolutely not. Already at our first demonstration, a left-wing activist came and threatened us and said that he was the son of Ben-Ari. He also came at the second demonstration and said that he was her son.”
– Why are you protesting against Ben Ari?
“If she sues the prime minister, who will also sue herself. What about her offenses at home in Rosh HaAyin?” (Referring to Adv. The state, in Rosh HaAyin, was illegally split into two housing units)
– Suppose she committed a construction offense there. Therefore, it must resign from the lawsuit against Netanyahu?
“I did not say”
– So what?
“I am protesting against her because she and Mandelblit sewed cases for Netanyahu”
“You know I was banned from demonstrating with more than 5 people?”
– No. Who banned and why?
“The police informed me that if I wanted to demonstrate twice a week in front of Ben Ari’s house, I was only allowed to demonstrate with 5 people and at least a thousand meters from her house.”
– And what will you do?
“It is illegal and contrary to the Supreme Court ruling. I will demonstrate.”

But a quick look at her Facebook page makes it clear that the attorney general is probably right. In one publication, Lev clarifies: “On the day in Balfour, demonstrations will stop, freedom will also stop” (Moshav Herut) and in another post she clarifies:


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