Man with fear of contamination washes banknotes in washing machine and lo …


Put your banknotes in the microwave oven and they’ll come right out.
Photo: Bank of Korea.

The South Korean National Bank has distributed a number of images of banknotes that have been destroyed by somewhat too clean compatriots. Fearing the corona virus, one put his notes in the microwave, someone else washed at least 30,000 euros in the washing machine.

Small notes, large notes, please do not put them in the washing machine. That is the message of the National Bank of South Korea. A man – who remains anonymous – has done so in recent months and contacted the bank asking if he could exchange his broken notes for new ones. This is possible with minimal damage, but if there is a lot of damage, the notes will be exchanged at half the price. The man – who received the money at a funeral as ‘mourning money’ – washed the notes because he was afraid of the corona virus. It is not clear how much money he washed in total, but he was paid 23 million, about 16,000 euros. According to the bank, the man therefore suffered a significant loss.

Another South Korean put his banknotes in the microwave. The damage was less in this case: he still got most of his money back.

Man with fear of blemishes washes banknotes in washing machine and that does not end well
The damage when you put your banknotes in the washing machine is very large.
Photo: Bank of Korea


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