Man United lets the deadline pass: top target ‘just’ with them on training camp


Jadon Sancho is one of the 31 players who will go to Switzerland on a training camp with Borussia Dortmund. The English winger can go to Manchester United, but ‘just’ has to report to his German employer because the clubs have not yet reached an agreement.

BILD and Kicker reported last week that Dortmund had issued an ultimatum to Manchester United: the requested amount of 120 million euros had to be put on the table before Monday, otherwise the transfer would not go through. It still seems that Dortmund is entering the new season with Sancho.

As a deadline was reported, it was exciting for many Dortmund fans to see if Sancho was in the selection of Lucien Favre. That is the case, but it is still the question whether the transfer has definitely been put through. It still seems to the clubs.

A personal agreement was never a problem. Sancho and Manchester United have agreed on a five-season contract for some time now.


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