Man stabs woman in parking of residential care center in Aals …


Two people were injured in a stabbing on the parking lot of residential care center Mijlbeke in Aalst on Thursday morning. A man stabbed his ex-wife there and was also injured in the incident. They have been taken to hospital, the Aalst police confirm The newspapaer.

The stabbing incident occurred on Thursday morning in the parking lot of the residential care center Mijlbeke, where the woman works as an administrative assistant. Her ex-husband, with whom she has three children, was waiting for her and stabbed her several times with a potato knife. Then he administered knife wounds to himself. A city worker managed to overpower him.

The victim was fatally injured. She was resuscitated on the spot by colleagues from the residential care center and then by the rushed ambulance officers, after which she was taken to hospital in a critical condition. There she is operated on. The man was slightly injured and was also taken to hospital where, according to the police, he receives the necessary care and is monitored.


The cause for the incident, according to Mayor Christoph D’Haese, can be found in the relational sphere. The two were in divorce. The staff saw it happening and are in shock, says Sarah Smeyers, president of the OCMW in Aalst.

The public prosecutor’s office and the lab are on site and an examining judge has advanced. According to the police, several people witnessed the incident, who will be interrogated by the local police. It is still unclear what caused the incident.

Second time this week

It is the second time this week that Aalst is startled by a violent act. Earlier this week, ex-mayor Ilse Uyttersprot was killed in her sleep by the man she had been dating for three months. The reason for this is still unclear.


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