Man asks group of skaters to clean up waste, is now in mortal danger | Inland


The abuse of the pair took place around 11.45 pm in front of an apartment building on Doesburgweg. According to the sister of one of the victims, the molestation started after the men asked the skaters in front of the building to throw their empty bottles, chips bags and other rubbish in the container.

The sister tells that one of the men then walked to a container with a skater, but was shocked to see that his friend was on the floor and kicked in the head. He immediately decided to call the emergency services, but was also beaten up afterwards. Both men were unconscious when the emergency services arrived.

Police confirm that the victims initially asked for rubbish to be cleared and were attacked.


One of the two victims is still in hospital with serious injuries as a result of the incident. His condition is critical. The other was allowed to go home today. According to his sister, the two men are best friends.

The police say that no suspects have been arrested yet. They do not yet want to say anything about the possible description of the perpetrators. According to the victims, this concerns four white men between the ages of 20 and 30. The police are looking for witnesses who have seen the incident.

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