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What are aerosols? If that question had been asked to me a year ago, I would have shrugged and probably replied, “No idea? I don’t feel like asking difficult questions, you stand on my towel and block my sunlight. Just order me another cocktail, I don’t speak Latin. ” Because of damage and shame, everyone nowadays knows that aerosols are microscopic droplets in the air, which enable the transmission of (corona) viruses.

Apparent safety? Stop it anyway

Since late April, early May, my kitchen drawer has had a very expensive box with mouth masks that I semi-illegally ordered on the internet. In my mind, two scenarios then took place: either in just a few days we would only be allowed to take to the streets in guise, or the shortage of mouth masks would be filled with swift urgency by our government, so that we too were obliged to do this terrifying but effective outdoor accessory. Anyway? I was all set.

In no way was I prepared for the scenario that wearing a mouth mask would not be mandatory. That seemed, and still seems to me, completely illogical. Not only because the majority of countries in the world have made it mandatory to wear a mask, but also because it has become increasingly clear worldwide how the virus spread: through aerosols.

All over the world this has been going on for weeks – what do I say, been known for months but what do we get from it Outbreak Management Team (OMT) and told the RIVM? That wearing face masks would ensure false safety and that it is precisely because of that that one and a half meter society would not survive. The advice remained: wash hands, avoid busy places and keep a meter and a half away. “Mouth masks only provide false safety?” Stop it anyway. Are they really nice there?

Face masks are mandatory across the country

Last week I came across a strip of two naked men drawn online. One naked male urinates against the other, after which the latter immediately gets wet. If both males are wearing pants in the next panel, only the urinating male will get wet. As far as I am concerned, this makes the importance of wearing face masks clearer than all published, contradictory reports.

Slowly but surely, the OMT and RIVM seem to be backing down. First, face masks were made mandatory in public transport. Recently also in busy places in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Why not just across the country? We see new fireplaces everywhere in public, because people are getting back together. In the nightlife, people crawl close together again and there we see an increase in infections. What’s the problem? Precisely by wearing a mask, you realize every time we have to observe that meter and a half? Without face masks in the street scene, it seems like nothing is wrong?

That we also have to believe it is clear to me. I only hope one thing. That there is no expiry date on my overpriced semi-illegally ordered mask.

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