Mads Pedersen dedicates victory to Jakobsen: “He deserves a speedy recovery” | Tour of Poland


A day after the heavy crash of Fabio Jakobsen, Mads Pedersen took the flowers in the Tour of Poland.

The Dane is also with Fabio Jakobsen with his thoughts. “It’s great to win the 2nd stage, but I think about Fabio in the first place after yesterday’s terrible crash.”

“He deserves a quick recovery and a good way back to normal life and to cycling. So this victory is definitely for him.”

Pedersen was not afraid of doing the bunch sprint the day after the crash. “It’s terrible what happened yesterday, nobody deserves it.”

“But if we all start thinking about whether sprinting is not too dangerous, cycling wouldn’t be the same anymore. Crashes happen in the race, our sport is dangerous.”

“Of course yesterday’s terrible fall has hit everyone in the peloton. But we keep racing, we keep fighting, and hope for the best for Fabio.”

For Pedersen, by the way, it was the 1st victory in the rainbow jersey, which he captured last year in Yorkshire.

“I didn’t have many opportunities to show my stripes this year, so it was great to be able to do it this way today.”

“I enjoy this victory and the yellow jersey tomorrow, after that we’ll see.”


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