Madonna tried to shock: “Corona vaccine is hidden from the public”


Madonna tried to shock: Over the past few months, since the outbreak Corona epidemic, Many conspiracy theories have spread on social media related to the global crisis. In recent days, it turns out, these theories have spread to the entertainment industry. Veteran pop star Madonna (61) posted her own theory over the weekend for the 15 million followers on her Instagram account.

The post claims that the vaccine for the corona virus has been “available for several months”, but was deliberately hidden from the public at the time. That “the rich get richer and the sick and the poor get sicker”. Shortly afterwards, the post was deleted, having been marked by the platform as a post that spreads false information about the virus.

Madonna (Photo: BEN STANSALL / Getty images)

This is not the singer’s first reference to the corona virus. In March, Madonna uploaded to the social network a puzzling video in which she is seen in a bathtub full of headlines, claiming that “the corona has made us all equal.” This video has garnered quite a few angry reactions, even from fans of the singer.

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Two months later, the pop star revealed that she had contracted Corona during her world tour, forcing her to cancel more than 15 upcoming shows.


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