Macron in Beirut: “Without reforms – Lebanon will continue to sink”


The French president received applause from residents on a tour of the area where mostly Christians live. Others shouted “Viva la France, you are our only hope.”

“I see the excitement on your face, the sorrow, the pain. That’s why I’m here,” Macron said, wearing a mask and a black tie as a sign of mourning, to one group of residents. He was documented hugging one of the stormy residents.

One resident said that while the French president spent his time visiting them, the president of Lebanon did not.

“Mr. President, you are on General Guru Street, he has liberated us from the Ottomans, liberated us from the current regime,” said one of the residents huddled around a macaroon, which shook the hands of residents in the streets full of rubble. Others shouted, “Free us from Hezbollah.”

After visiting a pharmacy damaged by the blast, Macron told residents: “I understand your rage. I’m not here to sign an open check to the regime.” The French president, who was surrounded by security guards, promised to send more medical equipment and other assistance.

Later, he traveled to the Presidential Palace, where he met with Aoun, Prime Minister Hassan Diab Sunni and Shiite Speaker Nabi Berry. In light of its delicate social fabric, the division of roles in Lebanon is done according to ethnic key.


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