Maccabi Tel Aviv will be able to get Sudova in the second round


Photo: Sports 5

Already lost to Sudova, Maccabi (Alan Shiver)
Already lost to Sudova, Maccabi (Alan Shiver) | Photo: Sports 5

Just a few hours after the draw for the first round of the Champions League qualifiers, in which it was determined that Maccabi Tel Aviv will meet Riga (August 18 or 19), the Yellows can already guess who their next opponent will be, if and when they pass the Latvian team.

UEFA narrowed the list in the second qualifying round and the rivals are: the winner between Flora Tallinn (Estonia) and Sudova (Lithuania), the winner between Chelia (Slovenia) and Dandelek (Ireland), or the winner between Ararat Armenia (Armenia) or Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus) ) Which is without a doubt the toughest rival on this list.

Just a year ago, Maccabi Tel Aviv met Sudova and surrendered twice to the same result (2: 1) in the third round of the Europa League qualifiers. The Yellows also met the Irish Dandelek, when Maccabi won 1: 2 at home and lost 1: 0 away in the home leg of Europa League in the 2016/17 season.

The raffle for the second round will take place tomorrow (Friday) in Switzerland, when this round, like its predecessor, will also take place as part of one decisive game and not in a foreign home method. Only the fourth round will take place in the format of an away home, which is the last before the home stage of the Champions League that will open in October.


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