Maccabi Tel Aviv: Van Leven ahead of Hapoel Beer Sheva


This coming Saturday, the 2020/21 season in Israeli football will officially kick off with the Toto Cup games and the “Champions of Champions”, which this year will be held in a home / away format, but Maccabi Tel Aviv still does not have a coach. This morning (Thursday) it was reported in Greece that coach Yorgos Donis has already signed as Vladimir Ivitch’s replacement, but the club denied and other media in Greece later claimed that these were negotiations and that the understandings had not yet been reached.

For the past three weeks, the team has been training under the club’s executive director, the Dutchman Patrick van Leven, who will also manage the game on Saturday against Hapoel Beer Sheva. (Starting at 20:10 in Sports1) And it is possible that also in the rematch in Bloomfield on Thursday as part of the “Champion of Champions”, which is the semifinals of the Toto Cup.

Ahead of the game, the Dutchman said: “We are coming after three weeks of preparation, I think the team is working well and on some days even beyond that, at a pretty high pace. I am pleased with the effort of the players in training and ahead of the games and I hope to see the result in the first official game on Saturday. Everyone got to play in preparation, the team grew while on the move. We managed to work well, and for me it was a good preparation with a lot of interesting things we saw in training and training games. ”

Ben Bitton | Maccabi Tel Aviv, official

Van Leven was asked if the loss to Hapoel B’Shlosha in the final round of the season – the team’s only loss in the league last season – would have an effect, and replied: “No. I think after the break we had a new season begins. We are all looking forward to a new season and not backwards. The players are ready for that and they are not talking about previous seasons but are ready and can play with full vigor. Everyone understands that a new season has begun. The fact that the format of the factory has changed a bit means that as a coach you also think about the second game, but in the end the goal is to win the first title of the season and that is what we are aiming for. ”

Also the context Dor Peretz He stood in front of the microphones and added, according to his temporary coach: “Finally there is an official first game, an important game because there is a title on the agenda and we try to get as ready as we can and wait for the game. We want to get the best result so that we will be comfortable in the game later, but think net about this game. It’s an important game against Hapoel B’Shlosha and we are waiting for better days, that we will play with a full crowd, but that is what we have at the moment and we need to do our job. This is a new start and unfortunately we lost there last season and we missed an opportunity for something fateful, but it does not sit too much in our head. ”

Dor Peretz
Dor Peretz | Maccabi Tel Aviv, the official website


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