“Maccabi Tel Aviv is only the insurance certificate of Ante Žižić” – Sport 5 – Sport 5


After already being closed at Real Madrid, he made a farce and concluded with Maccabi Tel Aviv – the plot of Ante Žižić is complicated. Now, the question arises as to who will be chosen center? “A – but in Spain for sure: Real Madrid have not yet said the last word.

Following the criticism of the Blancos following the expected loss of the chin, the Spanish media tried to analyze the situation. “Maccabi Tel Aviv is only Žižić’s insurance certificate in case he does not sign for Real,” explained journalist Chama de Lucas on the DefensaCentral website. “He prefers Real over Maccabi, and if he comes to Israel, it is not because Maccabi Tel Aviv defeated Real Madrid and made a snatch for them, but because Real gave it up.”

“The deal is still dependent on Real Madrid,” Chama added. “I guess she will not give it up because she has almost no other options. She has recently given up on other chins, such as Arturas Godaitis. The decision? Only this weekend or early next week.”

The esteemed ‘Mundo Deportivo’ also commented on the issue of Žižić: “Real need to resolve the issue of Campaso first, this is why he has been under massive pressure for a few days. Žižić wants to play in Madrid, but we are already in August and the market In a frenzy, groups are already closing. ”


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