Maccabi Tel Aviv: Dor Micha and Omer Atzili are considering leaving abroad for a year


The message players received Maccabi Tel Aviv, Noble Omar and Dor Micha, On finishing their way at the club – did not cause a big surprise. The two have known in recent days that this is what awaits them, after being updated by their agent Ronen Katsav almost two weeks ago that they are about to end their journey in the team.

The central question is where the two will go now. There were those around them who advised them to leave for the “year of ventilation” abroad, but at least Noble did not rule out the possibility of continuing to play in Israel and see himself in a large team – Maccabi Haifa or Beitar Jerusalem. At the same time, the two players also do not rule out the possibility of playing in Cyprus, Greece or Romania – a possibility that came up here last week. As mentioned, the names of AEK Athens, coached by Vladimir Ivitch’s brother, as well as Omonia and Apoel Nicosia, to which the Katsav brothers represent them are linked, were mentioned.

Tonight, Betar fans used a pressure cooker on Moshe Hogg. They want to see the noble in the team, and as far as is known the professional team will not object to a move that will land him at home and in the garden. Dor Micha has not yet decided where he will play, but it seems that it does not depend on him at all. People around him know that not every team will agree to accept him because of the sensitive situation, but it seems that he also does not rule out the possibility of continuing to play in Israel if an offer from abroad does not arrive.

As you may recall, last week one of the actors’ associates claimed that “Dawn and Celebrate need to understand That there is no risk By taking Noble and Micah. ” In the environment of Azili and Micha, of course, they did not like the conduct in front of them and claimed that despite repeated requests to return to training, they encountered “opacity” on the part of the club, which did not respond to their inquiries. “Even before the prosecution ruled, there were those who tried to write the indictment themselves,” they said. “They will rebuild their careers in another team, but there will always be someone to blame. Only the State Attorney’s Office will decide and not the opinion of one person or another. ”

In another matter: Ben Bitton’s story caught some of the players unprepared. After a referral to Andre Geralds, who has announced that he prefers a team in Europe, it appears that if the defender does not arrive at the last minute Maor Kandil will remain. Maccabi Tel Aviv said yesterday that no one gave up on Kandil, in contrast to the factory of rumors about a possible transfer to another team. “Ben will succeed here, he has the right character and the ability to contain a tackle on the team shirt,” said one of the players.

Bitton He himself said after the signing of the team: “I am very excited, I have been waiting for it for quite some time because for me Maccabi is a huge club, with a tradition. I’m excited to meet the friends, get in, practice and help the group. In my experience it is harder to keep the title than to achieve it and in order to do that you have to work hard, be focused and reach every game as if it is the last. I am already waiting to help the team achieve the goal. ”

Ben Bitton
Ben Bitton | Maccabi Tel Aviv, the official website

What should the fans expect?: “White is very hungry, with new energies because it is something I have been waiting for and aspiring to. This is a fresh start and I am very hungry to prove myself. I want to do get better and do the best season I can. I have talked to players, I have a good relationship with many of them and I hope it will help me get in smoothly. Unfortunately we play without an audience, but this is an audience whose intensities I felt, probably in Bloomfield, and I really want to play against them and feel them. We wish that the audience will return soon and that together we will achieve the goals. ”


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