Maccabi Haifa: Defeated the youth team 1:10


Maccabi Haifa will present its new uniform for the 2020/21 season tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00, when on Sunday it will already register its first official game against Kiryat Shmona away in the Toto Cup. Meanwhile, the team held its second preparation game today and easily defeated the youth team 1:10, this after it surrendered 2: 1 to Hapoel Nof Hagalil in the first training game.

Given the result, it is doubtful whether this was a worthy choice of rival. Barak Bachar started with a very offensive lineup that included Dolev Haziza, Muhammad Awad, Yarden Shua and Nikita Rokavica. Trent Sainsbury’s was left out while Eid Habashi went up at 11, in what might suggest intentions regarding the Australian. Also playing partner is Alaa Aldeen Hassan, who played last season in the Portuguese team of the Portuguese Pamlicoo, which is owned by Idan Ofer. This is a 20-year-old player who started being tested at the beginning of the week, grew up in the Green Club and left at the age of 14 to play in Germany.

The first came in the 14th minute, when Nikita Rokavica received a ball into the extension from Awad and with one touch scored. Six minutes later, Awad cooked again, this time for Yuval Ashkenazi, who made it 0: 2. In the 30th minute it was already 0: 3, when Shuaa cooked for Rokavica who completed a double. Shua added another touchdown in the 50th minute, this time to Awad, who set up 0: 4.

Muhammad Awad | The official website of Maccabi Haifa

Dolev Haziza scored the fifth in the penalty area in the 54th minute after a failure on Ashkenazi, and in the 63rd minute, Yanik Wildshot, who substituted for the field and scored the sixth. The Dutchman completed a double after just five minutes, this time from Gurfinkel’s cooking, and set up 0: 7. Two minutes passed, starting from a range outside the box.

Maxim Flakushchenko scored from distance in the 70th minute and set up 0: 8, five minutes later Muhammad Abu Fani scored the ninth with a kick from 22 meters, and in the 79th minute Flakushchenko completed a double and set up 0:10 with a kick from 24 meters Meters. Towards the end, Leroy Gabay shrank.

The composition of Maccabi Haifa: Josh Cohen, Ernest Mabuka, Ofri Arad, Eid Habashi, San Menachem, Neta Lavie, Yuval Ashkenazi, Dolev Haziza, Muhammad Awad, Yarden Shua, Nikita Rokavica.

Entered as replacements: Trent Sainsbury, Alaa Aladdin Hassan (examinee), Yahav Gurfinkel, Yanik Wildshot, Maxim Flakushchenko, Muhammad Abu Fani, Rami Gershon, Timothy Mozi, Maor Levy, Raz Meir, Sheriff Kiuf.

Ofri Arad | The official website of Maccabi Haifa


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