Luqman Hakim trumps Percy Tau on social media – football news


The transfer of Luqman Hakim has been dragging on for a long time, but the young Malaysian can now finally call himself a Guy. A lot is expected of him in his homeland and that can be seen in the attention on social media …

Luqman Hakim has not yet proven anything in Europe, but he ended up with the necessary letters of nobility at the Guldensporen Stadium. The young Malaysian was included in the list of the 50 greatest talents under the age of 18 worldwide this year.

The transfer had been around for some time, but now Luqman is really in Kortrijk. And they must have known that to the Guys. The photo of his announcement has already received more than 20,500 likes on Twitter and 14,000 on Facebook (and counting, because the photos are only half a day old).

That even exceeds the immense popularity of Percy Tau, with Anderlecht scoring 12,100 likes on Twitter and 3,100 on Facebook.


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