Lukashenko: Dutch troublemakers in our country | Abroad


Lukashenko, 65, has ruled the Eastern European country with a heavy hand for a quarter of a century. He won last Sunday’s elections with more than 80 percent of the vote, according to official figures. His opponents think that massive fraud has taken place to help Lukashenko to a victory again and have been taking to the streets en masse for days to express their dissatisfaction.

Lukashenko pointed an accusing finger abroad during his speech on Friday. “People have come from Poland, Holland, Ukraine and Russia,” he said. According to him, these include people who are affiliated with the Russian politician Alexei Navalni, a political opponent of President Vladimir Putin.

The Belarusian leader called on his countrymen to keep away from the protests. “Understand that you and your children are being used as cannon fodder.”


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