Lowering the rating for Israel? What does it mean and how can we avoid it


One thing that is sure to happen every time you decide to sit in a restaurant – they will serve you the bill. Sometimes it will be served right at the beginning when you order the food, sometimes it will be served while you are eating and quite a few times you will get it at the end of the meal.

So in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve all already settled into the country’s biggest restaurant. We were given a cash grant, some of us received some compensation for the decrease in business revenue. And now, when we’re still in the middle of the meal – while some of us are still very hungry – this stage comes. Of the account.

And what is in the account? The growing deficit, the growing government debt, the political situation and the disagreements over the budget. And what’s the bottom line of the account? Lowering the credit rating.

In the 114th episode of Calcalist’s Money Engines podcast with Psagot economist and chief strategist Uri Greenfeld, we talked about a possible downgrade of Israel, what it means, how dramatic it is and what can be done to evade it. We also talked about inflation – why it will help US debt and not Israel’s debt.

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S & amp; P Credit Rating Agency S&P credit rating agency Photo: Bloomberg


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