Lots of seed tweets after Rob told Jetten about seed donor request


A few months ago it was still hate tweets to his Twitter address, now they are ‘seed tweets’ in response to the special request that Rob Jetten (D66) received.

It was not determined an offer he couldn’t refuse. Jetten therefore did not have to think long. Or not at all. “Oh my god,” he thought first. “We are not going to do that.” The 33-year-old politician was asked to take his seed.

Podcast met Jetten

In the weekly PodBast discusses Jetten some personal topics with radio maker Bastiaan Meijer. Similarly, the strangest requests that the D66 leader has ever faced.

“A mother who had seen me on TV, I believe On 1, had thought: my daughter, who is single but very consciously wants to become a mother, is still looking for a seed donor, “Jetten tells Meijer,” And you are really the perfect match. “

He thought it was cute somewhere, but knew right away that his seed wasn’t going anywhere. “I thought it was a very sweet email and so I had to think very long about how to answer that woman. But I was like: that’s a first, that you get that question. “

Seed tweet

In May, Rob Jetten wanted to report to the senders of the hate tweets on his Twitter account, now they are completely different tweets.

On social media there is a lot of reaction to his ‘seed story’, mainly with a big wink and (silly) jokes.

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Lots of seed tweets after Rob told Jetten about seed donor request


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