Lore Boonen becomes loss consultant: “Sadness will always come in …


Photo: Peter Malaise / pma

Lore Van de Weyer (36), better known as Ms Tom Boonen, will become ‘perinatal loss consultant’. The mum of twins Jacqueline and Valentine (5) had to cope with two miscarriages in the past and now wants to assist other future parents in their grieving process. “I will not cry, but I still feel sad,” she says in Het Laatste Nieuws.

In concrete terms, Lore will offer professional help to parents who have lost a child in the womb or at birth. “I will help them grieve,” she says. “I will also provide them with the means to deal with their loss.” And for that you have to be strong. “I am only now ready to do something with the things of the past. I will not cry with the parents I accompany but the grief is still in me. It always will be. ”

If all goes well, Lore will take her exams on June 10.


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