Looking back on the day the MS Rotterdam left the city for the last time: ‘Now he really goes’


Cruise ship Rotterdam, a ship full of memories and a familiar cityscape to many. The Wilhelminakade will be full on Tuesday morning with fans of the ship. Hans and Riekje Adriani, for example, are standing next to the ship well before 10:00 to say goodbye.

With lead in their feet, put on a Holland America Line cap and quite nervous about ‘the three horns’, they recall old memories. They will wave to “a pan of iron, which has come to mean a lot to us.” The Rotterdam couple came to live in the city six months ago and are thrilled to see cruise ships sail in and out of the city. “Yesterday I saw the Rotterdam sailing in here, I already had to shed a tear”, says Riekje.

With the captain on the bridge

Unfortunately, the couple was only allowed to enjoy the MS Rotterdam in the city for six months, but the memories go back much further. They have made many beautiful trips on the ship. They even became friends with the captain and Hans was allowed to take a look with him on the bridge, the place where the ship is controlled. “He is sailing elsewhere now, but today we take a lot of photos and we send them to that captain. He will probably enjoy that very much.”

Their last trip they also slept in the penthouse. Riekje points to where it is exactly, Hans responds with a smile from ear to ear.

Rijnmond broadcasted a livestream on the farewell to MS Rotterdam earlier this Tuesday. View a summary below:

The full live stream is here looking back.

Iron bin full of memories

Toeeeet, toeeet, toeeet! The three bells sound and Riekje fires up: “now he’s really going.” Hans puts an arm around his Riekje and together they see the ship going. One last time they see their iron box full of memories sailing. “Something with such fond memories deserves a nice goodbye.”

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Riekje shoots full when he hears the three bells

Zeebonk Henk also said goodbye to the MS Rotterdam on Tuesday, while he was once overrun by a ship of the Holland America Line. Read his story here.

Riekje and Hans, together with dozens of others, wave off the MS Rotterdam on the quay. “Now we are looking ahead, to a great time for cruise lines. Because these are the best holidays there are,” says Riekje met de Rotterdam, getting smaller on the water behind her.

The ship sails to Damen Shipyard for maintenance and then goes to the new owner.

View several reactions from bystanders on the farewell to MS Rotterdam above this message.


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