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Donald Trump has once again put himself on the map as a president who has no idea what it is about, makes a mess of statistics and has no problem lying rock hard on camera – even as a toddler with an internet connection can check the claims. He got it done Axios.

While Donald Trump hopes for a reelection, the US President has done himself a pretty disservice by completely sinking into the ice in a new interview that HBO program Axios decreased from the Republican. Interviewer Jonathan Swan was able to verbally hack the president with filial simplicity when the corona virus came up.

The interview was taped last week and aired yesterday, and features a president getting no further than showing some printed graphs about the rather spoke-fighting coronavirus in the United States, which he himself was unable to properly interpret.

Trump also seems to see the A4s brought with him for the first time, and does not know the difference between measuring the ‘number of deaths compared to the number of infections’ and the ‘number of deaths compared to the total population’. The real estate entrepreneur picks only the data that still kind of paints a nice picture of the total health and economic disaster that was wrought in America under his rule. But he omits facts that provide a more complete and shocking picture. In fact, he tells interviewer Swan that he cannot and should not use that data: “You can’t do that.”

Trump is also a fool when it comes to the memory of the late politician John Lewis, an early anti-racist who is posthumously slapped for failing to attend the New Yorker’s inauguration. The resident of the White House also appears to have little interest in the people who – partly due to the disastrous policy he pursues – died of corona:

Trump: “I think It’s under control.”

“How? A thousand Americans are dying a day.”

Trump: “They are dying. That’s true. And it is what it is.”

Talk about dying. His chances of securing a second term in November are currently also doing so.

The entire interview (38 minutes) is look back here.

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