LOL! Disney bans the name ’20th Century Fox’. Because the name ‘Fox’ is also a right-wing media company – De Daily Standaard


Disney, one of the largest media conglomerates in the world, which owns just about all movie franchises, wants to change the name ’20th Century Fox’. The legendary name of yesteryear evokes wrong, right-wing associations. Because there is a right-wing news company called ‘Fox’. And that is really one according to Disney no go. A bit of a snowflake mentality this one from Disney. And more importantly, were there seriously people who found this offensive?

At Disney HQ they are most likely bored to death. They own just about the entire film industry, and of course they thought, how can we increase our influence? Well, they think by banning the name ‘Fox’, they are counting on even more sympathy and income.

Last year, Disney bought 20th Century Fox for around $ 60 billion, and they soon wanted to change the name. There are rumors that this has to do with the name of the news company Fox. Disney does not want to associate itself with everything that is right.

Disney’s rogue militias can now be proud, as true anti-fascists, they have stopped the right-wing danger.

Yet this shows once again that the compartmentalization and polarization in America is constantly reaching new lows. And in the Netherlands we try to match this often enough.

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