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Emmy Hart, founder of the Rumas Foundation, where difficult-to-handle teenage boys are cared for and supervised, has started a different project. She helps poor people renovate their dilapidated home.

She is now occupied by the house of the former cleaning lady of the Marie Lefevre school, of which she was once the headmistress. It is her second project. She is looking for donations for every project and she has received money from the Ministry of Finance with which she could repair some things at the house. But it was not enough to finish the renovation, because the roof was a sieve and even the floor had to be broken open. The state of the house was actually a danger to the residents. Young men who are guided by the Rumas foundation participate in the renovation.

Former student Graham voluntarily offered to withdraw the project and he is teaching the Rumas pupils in the technical field. It is not based on a budget, because the work is largely dependent on donation of material. Emmy Hart wants to help four families this year. She has been positively known for years for the selfless help that her foundation offers to Surinamese dropouts.



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