Loading an entire shopping cart and paying with meal vouchers is possible …


From 1 September you can really only buy food products with your meal vouchers.
Foto: Photo News

Paying an entire shopping cart with meal vouchers, even if it contains non-food products, will soon no longer be possible in the supermarkets. According to the law, only food products can be used for payment, but many supermarkets did not strictly apply this.

In its brochure of this week, Colruyt warns customers that from September it will only accept meal vouchers for food products in its supermarkets Colruyt, Okay, Spar and Bio-Planet. In principle, Colruyt is currently still counting on a manual inspection of the personnel, but in practice many non-food products are still settled with meal vouchers. Other supermarket chains did not always apply the rules strictly.

β€œIn consultation with the publishers of the meal vouchers and sector federation Comeos, we have entered into a commitment to automate this process,” says Colruyt spokeswoman Silja Decock. “A straightforward and unambiguous application is transparent for the customer and relieves the store staff.”

Delhaize also announced that it will adjust its POS systems from 1 September to make it no longer possible to accept meal vouchers for non-food products.

Wim Van Edom of Comeos confirms the change of course. “THROUGH (the umbrella of meal vouchers, ed.) has decided to enforce stricter compliance. It is not an easy matter to do this 100 percent correctly, so a timeline has been agreed to adjust the POS systems. That was somewhat disrupted by the corona crisis, but the deadline was finally set in September. ”


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