LIVESTREAM: Can Antwerp surprise against Club Brugge in the cup final? | Croky Cup 2019/2020


After 4.5 months without football, Club Brugge and Antwerp open fire again in the cup final. Will the national champion take his third double from club history or can Antwerp put a trophy in his trophy cabinet for the first time in 28 years? Follow it here with livestream.

Don’t miss a minute of the cup final here:

  1. first half, minute 8. The match started immediately. Peter Vandenbempt.
  2. first half, minute 8. Mbokani with first chance. Antwerp shows that it has some quality on the field when attacking. Dieumerci Mbokani escapes, but Mignolet is not allowed to floor at the first chance. & Nbsp; .
  3. first half, minute 7. Hot position. Club Brugge makes the Antwerp team gasp once. Haroun’s intervention in the penalty area is desperately needed at Club Brugge’s cross. .
  4. first half, minute 5. Antwerp goalkeeper Davor Matijas can sometimes feel a ball without having to save. The Croat kicks off in front of the oncoming Okereke. .
  5. first half, minute 4. Antwerp is also trying to build up for the first time. Mbokani plays well with the head, Refaelov proves an impossible pass on Juklerod. .
  6. first half, minute 3. Krépin Diatta shows himself on the right flank for the first time. His dribble is a bit transparent and can easily be stopped. .
  7. first half, minute 1. Kick-off. After 146 days, another ball rolls on the Belgian football fields. The King Baudouin Stadium forms the backdrop for the cup final between national champions Club Brugge and Antwerp. Who can put the trophy in the trophy cabinet? .
  8. first half, minute 1 match started
  9. in advance, 8 pm 25. Sporza shows on Instagram how corona proof the cup final is.

    Sporza shows on Instagram how coronaproof the cup final is

  10. in advance, 8 pm 24. Clement: “Antwerp won’t build up much”. Philippe Clement has already realized that his team will have to make the game. “When I look at Antwerp’s tactical plan, I think they will pump a lot of long balls to their two strikers and not build a lot. Antwerp will go for the physical work and that is their right.” .
  11. in advance, 8 pm 14. My group is physically further than last season. We were able to do more in preparation. We can more easily switch between 4-3-3 and 3-5-2. That is an advantage. Philippe Clement, Club Brugge coach.
  12. in advance, 8 pm 04. Lamkel Zé will do his utmost 100 percent, I am sure. He can suddenly score three on such an evening. Analyst Geert Devlieger.
  13. in advance, 8 pm 04. Football fans must support in their own bubble.

    Football fans must support in their own bubble

  14. in advance, 8 pm 03. Demarez: “Hope in Antwerp that it will not be renewals”.

    Demarez: “Hope in Antwerp that it will not be renewals”

  15. in advance, 8 pm 02. Isn’t Lamkel Zé? “Hopefully mentally ready”. Lamkel Zé did not play any preparation match with Antwerp, but still appears from the hat of Ivan Leko for the cup final. Doesn’t he bump a lot of players with this? “The coach has a choice of all players. Lamkel Zé is physically ready. We have doubted several times whether he is mentally ready, but we hope so,” says general manager Sven Jaecques. .
  16. in advance, 20h 01. Club fans can watch the cup final in Kinepolis.

    Club fans can watch the cup final in Kinepolis

  17. in advance, 20 hours. Not a favorite? That is an understatement. Antwerp will have to do it as a team. Fortunately, what is on paper is not always correct and we can make it on the field. Sven Jaecques, general director Antwerp.
  18. in advance, 7:55 pm. Antwerp has hope. Club Brugge is a firm favorite to put the Cup of Belgium in the trophy cabinet for the 12th time. But Antwerp should not despair: it is the only team that has managed to beat the Dutch champion in the league this season. & Nbsp; .
  19. in advance, 19h51. First meeting with Davor Matijas. Antwerp took goalkeeper Davor Matijas during the winter mercato. The 20-year-old goalkeeper was snatched from the second team of Hajduk Split as an “option for the future”. But after the departure of fixed value Sinan Bolat, the Croat can immediately compete in the cup final. .
  20. in advance, 19h39. Antwerp saw no fewer than 9 players leave after the league stop. Especially the rearguard looks a bit different without stronghold Wesley Hoedt. With Abdoulaye Seck, Junior Pius and Ritchie De Laet, Leko was able to build a defense in his beloved 3-5-2 formation. .
  21. in advance, 19h36. Leko chooses Mbokani and Lamkel Zé. Ivan Leko must be creative in his first official match with Antwerp. Matijas takes Bolat’s place under the bar. Lamkel Zé actually gets a place in the starting team in the front. Together with Dieumerci Mbokani he has to score goals. .
  22. in advance, 19h28. You automatically get energy for a cup final. We’ve been living in a tunnel for months. Ruud Vormer.
  23. in advance, 7 pm 24. Okereke during rush hour. Club Brugge has hardly seen any players leave during the summer mercato. Coach Philippe Clement can therefore throw a champion team between the lines. Mata, Mechele and Deli are the trusted rearguard. De Ketelaere, the match winner in the semifinal against Zulte Waregem, and Gouden Schoen Hans Vanaken have to serve striker Okereke. .
  24. in advance, 7 pm 21.
  25. in advance, 7 pm 21.
  26. in advance, 7 pm 21.
  27. Before, 7 p.m. 14
  28. Club Brugge setup. Simon Mignolet, Clinton Mata, Brandon Mechele, Simon Deli, Krépin Diatta, Ruud Vormer, Hans Vanaken, Éder Balanta, Eduard Sobol, Charles De Ketelaere, David Chidozie Okereke
  29. Line-up Antwerp. Davor Matijas, Ritchie De Laet, Abdoulaye Seck, Aurélio Buta, Júnior Pius, Simen Juklerød, Faris Haroun, Martin Hongla, Didier Lamkel Ze, Dieumerci Mbokani, Lior Refaelov
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