LIVE: Who will be crowned champion in 1B: OH Leuven or Beerschot? | Proximus League 2019/2020


Liters of ink have flowed over the game in recent months and tonight it is finally time: OH Leuven and Beerschot compete in the backmatch of the 1B final. Both teams are already certain of the promotion, but the title is still at stake. Now follow the match phase by phase.

  1. first half, 7 pm 06. These Beerschot fans follow the match at the café.

    These Beerschot fans follow the match at a café

  2. first half, 7 pm 02. Kick-off. OH Leuven and Beerschot kicked off the match in an empty King Power at Den Dreef stadium. What a wonderful football weather, by the way. Hopefully we will also get a wonderful game of football. .
  3. first half, minute 1 match started
  4. first half, 7 pm 06. First timid attempt. The first possibility of the competition is for the visitors. After a nice attack it is Tissoudali who can dock, but the Dutchman cannot give his shot enough power. Keet can easily pick up the ball. .
  5. in advance, 6 pm 31. Some changes at OH Leuven. Logically at OHL some new faces compared to the first leg. Goalkeeper Henkinet, who left for Standard, is replaced by Keet. In the defense, Kotysch takes the place of Van den Bergh. It was rented from AA Ghent in March and has recently been signed by … Beerschot. For goals, OHL relies on top scorer Henry, who is backed by Mercier and Aguemon. Perbet is on the bank. .
  6. in advance, 6 pm 20. No changes at Beerschot. Continuity is the code word at Beerschot. There is a gap of almost 5 months between the first leg and the return game, but Beerschot simply starts with the same 11. .
  7. in advance, 3:43 pm. I expect a game on the cutting edge. The title is at stake anyway and we have to keep believing in it until the last second. The last two promotion finals were also only decided in the closing minutes. OHL player Xavier Mercier.
  8. in advance, 3 pm 41.
  9. in advance, 15h27. What is still at stake? Freshen up your memory: the first leg in the 1B-final took place at the Kiel almost 5 months ago. Home team Beerschot won with the smallest difference thanks to a goal from Tissoudali. After that, the coronavirus paralyzed the sports world and for a long time it was unclear whether the return game would ever be played. But tonight is finally there, because Beerschot will soon defend his 1-0 bonus on the field of OHL. Although this happens in other circumstances than in March. There will be no fans and the stakes are no longer the same. Both teams have been sure of their spot in 1A since Friday. So there is nothing at stake in that area. Still important: tonight’s winner may call himself the champion of the Proximus League. The match is therefore not entirely without importance. .
  10. in advance, 15h26.
  11. in advance, 3 pm 24. Finally! Liters of ink have flowed over OHL-Beerschot in recent months, but tonight the return game in the 1B final will still be played. We will follow the game here closely from 7 pm. .
  12. Before, 3 pm 24
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